Miranda Robinson



Miranda has a passion to help people who have struggled with overcoming obstacles in their life. She believes that childhood experiences have a huge impact on our ability to be able to manage our own thoughts, feelings and behaviors. She works from a trauma informed, trauma focused lens that takes into account adverse childhood experiences as keystones to a person’s current ability to manage their own mental health. Faith and hope are the cornerstones that can move us in the right direction, especially with someone who is willing to listen, help us process and be empathetic about our experiences.

Miranda is a non-judgmental therapist who provides a safe environment to help her client’s work through their issues. She is very validating and at the same time holds her client’s accountable. She recognizes that all clients enter treatment for different reasons and is willing to work with those that are voluntary or mandated. She has a heart to help people find their way in life and discover things about themselves that they have been struggling to understand. Miranda uses evidence-based practice to guide her clients through therapy. Her clinical experience includes CBT, CPT, TF-CBT, Triple P, Motivational Interviewing, EMDR and ART, mindfulness, sand tray play therapy and play therapy techniques.

Her experience includes adolescent residential treatment, community based counseling, high risk state parolees, Sex offender treatment, developmentally delayed clients and severe and persistent mental health. She works with depression, anxiety, behavior problems, sexual issues, mood disorders, communication issues, grief and loss and trauma/abuse. She has extensive experience working with sexual victims, sexual dysfunction and sexual perpetrators. She is a certified sex offender treatment provider.

Miranda graduated with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology in 2006 from Simpson University and a Master’s of Arts in Counseling Psychology in 2009 from National University, San Diego. She became licensed as an LMFT in 2016. She has worked in the non-profit sector, county mental health and the private sector. Her most recent positions prior to Brightways Counseling included being the Mental Health Director of a residential group home, provided sex offender treatment to clients on state parole, county probation, federal probation and juvenile probation, and provided therapeutic support to developmentally disabled adults in adult mentor homes. She has also been a Forensic Supervisor overseeing all forensic services, including jail mental health, Drug Court and Behavioral Health Court for Tehama County Mental Health.

“Even the darkest night will end, and the sun will rise.” -Victor Hugo

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