Dr. De Anna Hellwich

Ph.D., LPC - Intern


Dr. Hellwich (De Anna) earned her Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree from Troy University and Florida State University with a concentration in Counseling Psychology and Family and Child Sciences/Services. After earning clinical experience in the Southern States and Northeast Philadelphia, she ventured her way to Alaska and spent several years working with patients in the “Last Frontier”.

De Anna has clinical and leadership experience providing services for children, adolescents and adults in culturally diverse and medically under served populations including American Indian, Alaska Native, and Hispanic cultures. Her experience includes working with patients with general mental health issues, complex mental health diagnoses, severe psychiatric illness, medical conditions, alcohol and substance abuse, trauma, abuse and neglect, domestic violence, criminal offenses and court involvement. Her clinical experience includes working inpatient psychiatric hospitals, behavioral medicine units, emergency rooms, at Universities, child and adolescent treatment facilities, in prisons and within the court systems. She has served as a professional on several committees and served as an appointee to the Alaska statewide Board of Directors Governor’s Council for Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. Her background provides her with a vast understanding of the Medical Model, the Legal System and Community Health and she utilizes a variety of evidence based techniques to help people. De Anna approaches each person with an empathetic yet direct therapeutic approach and she enjoys helping people be the best version of themselves!

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